Chocolate Almond Biscotti – Recipe

Chocolate Almond BiscottiAnyone else like to eat cookies with breakfast? Myself, I can eat them any time of day, so these chocolate almond biscotti are one of my all time favorites (especially because they go with one of my other favorites-COFFEE). These twice baked cookies will smell amazing while they are baking and taste even better.

Ingredients you’ll need:

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Hearts and Arrows Valentine’s Sugar Cookies

Valentine's Sugar Cookies with Hearts and ArrowsLove is in the air! I can feel it, just go to the holiday section of Target and it will be staring you in the face (I think it was out the day after Christmas actually). This week when I took the kids to start looking for their Valentines, I spotted some adorable hearts and arrows   sprinkles from Wilton! I have to say, I usually don’t get inspired to make cookies just off of sprinkles, but my kids were so excited about them I had to grab some and get to work on a recipe. We ended up with my classic drop sugar cookie recipe, topped with buttercream and these adorable sprinkles on top. Not only did my kids get to make these mostly on their own, they pretty much demolished them within a few days. Continue reading “Hearts and Arrows Valentine’s Sugar Cookies”

Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


Wow, is it already time to prepare for Valentine’s Day? I could have sworn it was just the holiday season yesterday. Until I walked into Target and noticed Christmas was on sale and Valentine’s decor was already out, I couldn’t believe it. My kids and I got to work to make our favorite chocolate chip cookies with a Valentine’s twist. This Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is quick and easy and will make your Valentine swoon! Continue reading “Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookies”